Montag, 26. September 2011

Still cancellations on Venice - Udine - Trieste

Google translatio, with mistakes:

Mchiandoni of September 22, 2011
We publish the e-mail sent September 20, 2011 at Friuli Venezia Giulia Region by Simone to report the situation that has arisen over the "high", the Venice - Udine - Trieste railway line at this point the most abused among the regional if only for the high number of commuters who travel on that route.Cristina Sartor
Yesterday and today there have been nothing short of absurd suppressions.In the morning it reported, among others, the suppression of the very important train RV Venice 2824-2825 (5.26) - Udine (7.34) - Trieste (8:46), no opportunity was given to travelers prior to departure from Udine station, which had to wait for the coming 2442-2443 RV in Trieste at 10:04 (in fact, due to delays at 10.15). Hard to believe that in Venice there was no material available to make the train.In addition there have been problems all day on the line between Udine and Gorizia: the trains went into automatic safety brake for the malfunctioning of signaling systems. In the morning, this has caused a few minutes late to train R 6003, he has waited five minutes for the requirements in San Giovanni al Natisone. In return, the train R 6006, left on time from Gorizia, stopped: Move close to ten minutes, then shortly after Capriva, then between Cormons and St. John because the train was in the automatic braking systems and, as announced by the conductor ( After fifteen minutes of rest ...), it was necessary to "wait until the requirements of the Director of St. John the Natisone Movement."However, is it possible that a torrential rain of short duration cause malfunctions immediately? Not only that, it is even more severe than during the day have been provided to send a maintenance team to fix the system? The service is - anachronistically - interrupted for about three hours every morning just for maintenance work: I can see how it is done!Finally, deletions today: Train 2460 (a major RV from Trieste to Venice via Udine) and the next train R 6004 Trieste (13.30) - Udine (15.04). From 12.26 to 14:21, there were no trains between Gorizia and Trieste / Udine! How is this acceptable?I continue to believe that the service contract is too mild and that the Region has the responsibility (if only in supervising or inertia) in all this. At least, it would be hoped a European tender for regional transportation, with reliability of service to a new handler (not written anywhere that it is obliged to use - so to speak - Trenitalia).Finally, because I know the time to write? Why am I waiting for the train RV 2464, from Trieste party with 42 minutes late because, as often happens, or there is not material or there is no staff and you use that on arrival in Trieste at 15.04 (train 2450 RV ). That's why he has widened the time and inconvenience involved overlap: the first trains RV Ve-Ud-Ts came to TS at 53 minutes and departed to 04 minutes: if there is no material that could serve that reached for the next train. Now this is not possible except with constant discomfort.Someone should explain to me, so why can not I change with the times but must wait until next December in December 2012.Congratulations and thanks for the (dis) service!Greetings to allSimon Sixth


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