Freitag, 9. September 2011

Postal Service is Half Price in Slovenia

Did you know that a regular postage stamp that costs 60 cents in Italy costs 38 cents in Slovenia? Scandalous, no? I just sent a packet of info to Lubljana where I am applying for the baby's passport (can't get an appointment in Milan until the end of July and it's 4 hours away, Lubljana is only an hour and a half away and they had openings immediately). I sent a non-standard A4 envelope FULL of documents and it cost me (dig this!) 58 cents to send. Plus the post office is open Monday to Friday all day until 7pm and Saturday morning. I'm pretty sure my package got to the Embassy about 8 seconds after I sent it. I'm only telling you this because Italian postal service sucks big time  I am, frankly, incredibly pleased with myself for finding this out.

And what I learn, I immediately pass on to you, dear reader.


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