Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Trieste, Italy, ads highly toxic Hydrofluorsolicid acid to the public water supplies

Hydrofluorsolicid acid contains high ammounts of arsenic and some mercury, and other heavy metals, which destoy bones, the whole body and the brain.
Other types of unnatural fluor, such as sodium fluor, are on the surface of sprayed fruit and vegetables (pestizides), in packaged foods, salt, beverages, in the air that we breathe, etc.

The accumulated ammount of fluoride per day, that the average person receives,  is 1 - 2 milligrams, which is bad for the health. The ammount of  2,5 - 4 milligramm seriously destroys and dammages the brain.

Reduce your daily dose of forced medication (Fluoride, Aspartam, etc.), and detox your body with vegetables and fruits, that you either peel or whash. Don't eat grapes, or drink grape juice, if they are not biological, as the contain high ammounts of fluoride. Much more than other fruits.

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